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how to make Aubergine creams in 6 minutes

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

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You will love making this fast, expensive yummy dish in minutes. Serve it as a main course for two with toast, jacket potatoes or pasta. Or eat it as a snack in vol-au-vents, pastry cases, crackers or toast fingers for a party of 12. Expect lots of compliments for very little effort.


Ingredients 1 Aubergine

1 quarter tsp salt

180g Pack of fresh mushroom sauce, cream sauce or cheese sauce.

Garnish (Optional): sprigs of parsley or shavings of parmesan


A small pan of boiling water

​Small sharp knife

Small chopping board

Paper towels


  1. Wipe the aubergine clean with a damp paper towel. Chop the stalk off with a small sharp knife on the chopping board

  2. ​Chop the aubergine in half, place the flat ends face down on a chopping board and slice in long lengths. Then slice across the lengths into small cubes.

  3. ​Place the aubergine cubes in the boiling, salted water for 5 minutes. Strain off the water and leave the cooked aubergine in the pan.

  4. ​Add the pack of cream, cheese or mushroom sauce and stir and reheat without bringing the sauce to the boiling point.

  5. Use hot as a main course or cool and refridgerate for party appetizers

Chef's Tips and Tricks

This mix can be spread on toast, jacket potatoes or pasta whilst its hot.

For a party appetizer put the cold mix into baked pastry cases or vol-au-vents, bouchées, fingers of toast or crackers.

Garnish: Add a curl of parmesan or a sprig of parsley on top for extra flair.

Of course, you could make the sauce yourself if you have the time and skill and enjoy washing up!

You could also make this aubergine dish with a can of condensed cream soup instead of fresh sauce, and add to the cooked aubergine.

Use cooked mushrooms in place of cooked aubergine.

More uses for aubergines

Aubergines are so versatile, they can be fried, battered, baked, grilled, stewed, puréed or stuffed. The flesh will soften and soak up any flavours that the eggplant is cooked in very quickly.

Fried Aubergine Drizzled with Honey

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