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Sex alert. the best aphrodisiac foods ever

Updated: Sep 9, 2020


When you fall in love, a little known stimulant, called a tongue-twisting phenylethylamine, is released. It's what drives people crazy, as its partly a shot of amphetamine. This mumumbo-jumbo sounding chemical, is basking in the folds of chocolate. #Chocolate also contains anandamide, which is also known as the “bliss molecule.”

To get your partner in an erotic mood: Feed them chocolate morsels, the darker and higher the % of chocolate the better. Kiss your partner with a naughty mouthful of chocolate. As a natural stimulant, it gives you a sense of alertness and well-being. Those naughty Aztecs started the craze for eating chocolate. There is nothing like dark chocolate to release serotonin, which lifts the mood, making us saucy and playful.

Tip: Melt chocolate and dip strawberries into the mix for an extra shot of sexiness, then lick each other's fingers. Or, just like Casanova, drink unsweetened hot chocolate every day. I often grate chocolate onto salads or melt chocolate and whisk into creamy sauces. Who doesn't like to dip their fingers into a box of chocolates? If you are filthy rich you can buy me #Delafee chocolate from Switzerland. These delicious Truffles, wrapped in edible gold are made from Swiss chocolate and cost €50 for a box of two.


Casanova and almonds are inextricably linked. Casanova was to dining what licking is to seduction. He used to strip the coat off the almonds, by placing them in boiling water, cooling, and peeling off the skin. Next, he toasted them in a pan with a little sea salt. He would feed them by hand to his latest conquest.

Almonds have been symbols of fertility for eons. Science backs this up, by being high in zinc and L-arginine and a host of luscious anti-oxidants. Raw or roasted, with or without the skin, the fat in these nuts is weirdly not taken up by the body, so they are also helpful in weight loss diets.

Tip: Nibble on almonds, instead of eating cholesterol loaded crisps, deep fried in cheap seed oils. Alexandre Dumas, who wrote the Three Musketeers, is said to have been a prolific lover, despite being married. He enjoyed almond soup each night before attending to his latest inamorato. Blend almonds into your smoothies with almond milk and berries, or use crushed almonds and sprinkle on salads.


Avacado, in Aztec gobbledygook is ahuachuatl (testicle). Enough said on the subject of men's privates. Except to say it's difficult to suppress a giggle at the sight of two wrinkly avocados dangling from a tree. Seriously, they are packed with vitamins that help your sex drive and are rich in vitamins E and B6. A single avocado also contains more potassium than a big banana. It keeps your mood and stamina high in the bedroom.

Tip: Share a bowl of guacamole together, maybe with celery sticks (another aphrodisiac). My personal favorite is to slice a guacamole in half, remove the stone and crack an egg into the centre. Bake in a 200-degree oven for 15 minutes. Sticky, gooey, avacado and its finger lickin, delicious. If you see it, buy avacado ice-cream and tell me what you think.


In parts of India, ginger is mixed with eggs and honey, as a traditional treatment for impotence. Whether it is eaten or used as a poultice I have yet to find out. Ginger increases the sex drive and allure by supercharging levels of testosterone. A side effect is to get rid of bad fats, triglycerides, and cholesterol. All you need to understand is that this helps men get an erection and to delay the process of ejaculation. Madame du Barry seduced Louis XV of France by feeding him ginger. It is said to drive men to a state of exhaustive and unmitigated submissiveness. Do you need another reason to consume it?

Tip: Eat more curry and sushi together, or sip ginger tea. Ginger tea is easily made with 2 thin slices of ginger steeped in boiling water. A sprinkle of chopped, candied or preserved ginger gives a sensational hit to ordinary salads. Ginger jam or preserve is delicious with cold meat, scones, and clotted cream, toast, or on buttered crumpets. Go on treat your taste-buds.


You may or may not, follow the Zambian tradition of eating lamb testicles as an aphrodisiac. However, my Welsh gran always used to say my brother that lamb '....will put hair on your chest...' The fact is, Lamb, contains vitamin B1, zinc and iron, which is good for stamina and endurance in the bedroom. Those filthy farmers from my home town knew this, with their suggestive smirks at my budding breasts when I was a teen. Dirty beasts.

Tip: Misuse of the word 'bone' to a girl might get you into all sorts of trouble. My personal favorite way with lamb is my quick pan-fried lamb cutlets with garlic mayo and pea mash. See ‘We Love Our Lamb’ on Facebook, to learn more about lamb being one of the best aphrodisiacs.


Men struggling with low libido often take a fish oil supplement. Eating fatty fish is linked to an increased sex drive. Enjoy mackerel, herring, trout, salmon, or sardines, which all contain omega-3 fatty acids. When a man is aroused, omega 3s move through the veins and arteries like a shot out of a pistol, causing a rapid change in the size of the penis. In his memoirs, Casanova admitted to having eaten fried fish at the same time as spying on a harem as they were nude bathing by moonlight.

Tip: Have more sushi dates, order fish rather than steak when dining out, or feed each other deep-fried, baby sardines, see my recipe for Boquerones Fritos its a favorite Spanish tapas and I always eat it with my fingers. Also if you feel flash, eat salmon with a lick of caviar, now there's a double jolt of serotonin.


Those little fruits work their magic by powering up the penis when aroused. The components in berries act like powerful twirling brushes inside the body, relaxing arteries and allowing the blood to flow smoothly and easily. Cherries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries are the arousal fruits, but Goji berries are the stars of the show. Goji berries contain the human growth hormone (HGH) which enhances performance in athletes as well as in the bedroom

Tip: Berries make a quick snack, or after-dinner dessert and are low in calories. Pass the fruit to each other on the lips. Those suggestive shaped, ripe bananas are also rich in potassium, which helps sweep away high sodium levels when you've been binging on junk foods.


The jury is out as to whether all those coffee dates were worth it — coffee is said to be a libido booster. It contains a stimulant, dopamine to elevate your mood and the pleasure centres of your brain. It can also overstimulate the adrenal glands, causing a drop in energy after the initial spike. If you drink it late at night, it will certainly give you extra stamina. Strangely, caffeine, in the mad professor school of chemical compounds, is similar to progesterone. One for the ladies.

Tip: Grab a decaf latte that contains B vitamins and magnesium and see for yourself if it brings on a long and lucky night.


Why has this huge fruit got the viagra community in a tizz? Because it boosts nitric oxide to the lower regions and known to have Viagra-like effects. It's juice contains lycopene, beta carotene and citrulline. It also contains vitamin A, C, potassium, and magnesium. It is a multivitamin on a plate.

How much can you eat to get the effects? I recommend eating a bowlful daily when in season. It's also possible to freeze slices of watermelon. Defrost and juice them when necessary. This sweet snack is almost as low in calories as a glass of water.

The most expensive watermelon ever sold is the Japanese #Densuke watermelon. It is black-skinned and has no stripes. It weighs a back-breaking, 17 pounds to carry home from the supermarket. It sells for about $6,100.

Tip: Fuel your love juice by adding in the rind. When juicing the watermelon, the libido effect is doubled, as citralline, which mimics viagra's effects, is concentrated in the rind. Lycopene is also a good antioxidant, which can help eliminate prostrate problems. Asian chef's often added them to stir fry add a sweet kick. Now there's a delicious thought.


What is more erotic than sliding moist, fleshy, plump food morsels into each other's mouth? Research shows, that oysters contain compounds like zinc that raise testosterone and estrogen levels, which in turn can magnify sexual desire and stamina. Its well known that Giacomo Casanova had an insatiable sexual appetite. One of his foreplay techniques was sharing oysters with female company.

Tip: Casanova used to enjoy dropping an oyster down the dress of his latest beau and having fun retrieving it.

Warning: only eat them when there is an ‘r’ in the month. Consume with a hint of black pepper, a squeeze of lemon juice or a few drops of good cider vinegar. If you are filthy rich, fly to Coffin Bay, SA, Australia to eat oysters from a tasting platform in the middle of the ocean.

Share your aphrodisiac tips here.

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