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Half the sugar all the love

Jennifer Tyler Lee and Anisha Patel MD, MSPH

I applaud the authors of this book, Jennifer Tyler Lee and Anisha Patel MD, MSPH, who are very enthusiastic about cutting down on sugar. The authors describe the hidden sugars in everyday foods and point to savory items that are not usually associated with sugar, like barbeque sauces, tomato ketchup, and fries.


Hopefully, if you buy this book you might rethink sugar and sweeteners in your diet and use more natural foods instead. I was fascinated by what the authors had to say about this subject, particularly as it is an American book, with medically backed guidelines and recipes. It is well known there are many obese people in the developed world who simply gorge on the wrong food high in sugar. Supermarkets and high street restaurants are a trial of avoiding sugar. I buy less and less processed food for that reason and rarely eat a dessert in a restaurant.


My mother once gave me a book called ‘Pure White and Deadly’ and it has affected my attitude to the consumption of sugar. There is hardly any in my kitchen, I never use sweeteners. I occasionally use honey, I use natural sweet food, like bananas, carrots, and dates, if there is sugar in a recipe, I will find a way to avoid it, or use the tiniest amount possible.


Our ancestors were never overloaded with as much sweet food and fruit before in history. Fruit juices, sodas, sweeteners and candy, and whole anniversary’s devoted to consuming sugar. Our bodies are not developed to cope with such abundance, and it gets stored in the liver and causes many health problems. Use this book wisely and rarely, and you will have something to treasure forever.


I was given a free E-copy of the book by Netgalley. This is my own honest opinion.

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