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Chocolate is forever. Maida Heatter

I defy anyone to resist the title of this recipe book, Chocolate Is Forever. Who hasn't an addiction to chocolate?  Anyway, it is a known aphrodisiac (read my blog about 10 best aphrodisiac foods)

Maida Heatter (1916-2019) was once called the Queen of Cakes and authored many books on cakes and baking. Her 50-year career has given readers the confidence that she is one of the best. She won three James Beard Foundation awards. These are annual awards presented to recognize culinary professionals in the United States.


Like me, she had a passion for chocolate and she created many delicious recipes to create cakes, candies, classics, desserts, biscuits, sauces (and 19 drinks).

Chocolate Is Forever, in its 304 illustrated pages, has taken the best, (nearly 100) of the most deliciously irresistible chocolate, finger lickin recipes you will ever get your sticky fingers on. I liked her easy style of writing.


What I also liked to hear is that she guarantees that each recipe will work perfectly every time. I have done enough recipe book hurling in my time when the recipe fails, just before an important dinner party! However, buyer beware, the book has no photos, only beautiful illustrations.  As I personally like to see what my finished dish will look like, that was a dissappointment

However, it is certainly one for my cookery book cupboard. Everyone I know likes the serotonin hit of chocolate. it leaves a lasting impression on a satisfying meal.

Available in Kindle and Hardback

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