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Three Men On Their Bikes by Richard Mapes

A Novel reviwed by  Diane Lawton


Published by Thistle Publishing


The humor in this book is carefully crafted into the story of three un-grown-up, unfit men deciding to go on a cycle tour around Lancashire. Three mischievous blokes on the cusp of life considering careers, commitments and beer gardens. This is a young man version of Last of the Summer Wine, but these are graduates, challenged by technology, officious railway personnel, bicycle clips, and brightly colored Lycra. They encounter cramped hotel rooms and sober women cyclists. They argue the merits of padded shorts over checked trousers belted above the calf. Short cuts and gut instincts sometimes win over GPS and Google searches. Their friendships and stamina go through the pain barrier in the hills and valleys of The Pennines, and none are quite the same at the end of the journey.


I received a complimentary copy of this book through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.


About the author:


Richard Mapes is a writer of comic novels. Of his other books ‘Three Men on Tour’ was published in November 2015 and ‘Under the Night Sky’ was co-authored by Bethan Mapes and Juliet Beaumont and published in July 2016. He can be contacted on Facebook and Twitter and has author profiles on and

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