Professional Reader


Valencia and Valentine by Suzy Karuse

A novel reviewed, by Diane Lawton


I was curious about this novel. One, because it is the author’s first novel. Two, because I was intrigued by a title with a Spanish city name in it that I have visited. I imagined, having not read the introduction, that there was a travel element to this novel.


I quickly learn that Valencia, in this case, is not a travel destination. It is rather a 34-year-old woman who considers death, a lot. She also thinks she has murdered someone. She suffers from OCD and works in a call-centre, as a debt collector. The author must know a lot about this topic, it is very detailed and I learned a great deal about this tragic condition.

There are enough quirky characters in this novel to keep the story flowing, but the content mainly focuses on Valencia and Valentine and their situations. The second character is the lonely Mrs. Valentine. She is 87 and thinks a lot about death too. She reveals her love story about the former Mr. Valentine, to her cleaning lady. Which is beautiful relief from reading about Valencia’s fears and phobias and her telephone relationship with a man in debt.


The story takes enough unexpected twists and turns to keep the reader turning the pages. It is not a light-hearted read.

I received this complimentary book via Net Galley and Lake Union Publishing and chose to review it. The above is my own, honest opinion.

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